Maximize Your Potential

Develop a “growth mindset” for better opportunities and building new skills for success

Core Thinking

Eileen works with you at a high level to tap into your own inner blueprint. Set a new foundation by creating stepping-stones for success, implement skills training while re-training the brain, and understanding mindfulness leadership. Strategic thinking, mastery, values, mind power, positive habits, self-investment, and leading by example are end results of the Core Thinking Blueprint Program.

Mindfulness Leadership

Establish the blueprint of core principles of leadership designed to bring out your best by training your mind to lead with focus and clarity.


Lead with excellence and being present without getting pulled by distractions. The “WOW” factor is what sets you apart, creating an impression of strength, confidence and understanding.

Power From the Inside Out

Self-reflection offers the opportunity to gain the necessary space to breathe, be clear and focused, and listen deeply to the inner voice. An in-depth look at who you are gives you the edge on what it means to be a true leader.

Situational Mindsets

Cope with complexities, change and conflict by knowing situational mindsets for concrete, immediate, and lasting effects. Leverage change for best results by identifying current mindset patterns for collaboration and success.


  • My experience with the Core Thinking Blueprint program has been life changing!

    Devaney J.

  • It has changed my life in extraordinary ways!

    Troy B.

  • The Core Thinking Wheel is the basis for great results and continuous improvement.

    Bob D.

  • Thank you Eileen for giving me your best! You deserve a 5* rating!

    Nancy B.

  • I can’t express enough gratitude for her guidance and discernment, which has helped me to be the best leader I can be!

    Randy B.

  • I highly recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to improve, enhance or gain better traction in both their personal and professional life.

    Tricetan W.