Core Thinking Blueprint Program


Eileen works with you at a high level to tap into your own inner blueprint. Set a new foundation by creating stepping-stones for success, implement skills training while re-training the brain, and understanding mindfulness leadership. Strategic thinking, mastery, values, mind power, positive habits, self-investment, and leading by example are end results of the Core Thinking Blueprint Program.

Wise leaders collect, decipher, weigh, and use information from all points of view to capitalize on opportunities and avoid being blindsided by trends due to narrow perspectives. Seeing the big picture ensures that your actions, plans, and decisions target the right outcome and address the critical challenges. Both personal and professional development ensure positive results for mental agility, proactive participation and added value to the overall success of you and your organization or company.

“I find Eileen to have great critical thinking skills and a solid understanding of how people think. She then integrates this general knowledge with pragmatism and efficiency to give great business guidance. She has advised me on a couple of occasions and I was impressed with her ability to quickly grasp where I was at and to help me develop a reasonable, short-term action plan.” 
~ David Straub, Founder of 4Sight Model

Extraordinary CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Leaders
operate from their core identity of authenticity for success!

Action breeds CONFIDENCE and COURAGE
Perspective will DELINEATE and DEFINE you
Step into Your Greatness
Be Resourceful
Gain Vision and Clarity
Invest in Yourself!!!
Up-Level NOW

The Core Thinking Blueprint Model is based on 8 aspects of your interaction within yourself and the consequent connection with those around you:

  • Inspiring Certainty
  • Positive Impact
  • Drive for Growth
  • Inner Strength
  • Engagement
  • Positive Focus
  • Perceptive Visioning
  • Positive Influence

Once you have a grasp of your actions and lack of action pursuant to your thinking,
your ability to achieve your highest potential can be reached.
That means you, as a leader/entrepreneur, empower yourself and your team to generate momentum and execute for success!

Strengthen your courage and determination to succeed by surrounding yourself with those who are of like mind. Once you are empowered, then you can assist those who are wanting a boost to reach the awareness and capabilities you have achieved.

Nothing happens until we have a thought, upon this thought an emotion arises,
your actions are based on these emotions.
How well you manage your emotions and
direct your thinking can help determine the outcome of
your goals, visions, and desires.

Core Thinking Coaching enables you to create stepping stones, implement skills training while re-training the brain to think success, as well as, remove obstacles and problems for the best outcome.

Who am I?
What drives me?
Why I think, take action and say the things I do?
Where am I heading?
When will I know I have reached my highest achievement?

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.”


The Core Thinking Blueprint Program is an amazing journey of strength, empowerment, and inspiration for you to experience transformational change. 

With a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and over 20 years working with individuals, Eileen delivers results for the business professional wanting to have a real positive impact.  

Eileen balances self-knowledge with concrete action steps starting with your core thinking
to enhance performance and improve your work environment.

Thought leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs can work with Eileen to help develop greater awareness of their emotional intelligence, gain clarity around their vision and goalstrain in core thinking skills, and enhance communication for success:

  • Take linear steps towards a specific goal;
  • Train in Core Thinking skills;
  • Big picture assessment with practical application for action steps;
  • Problem-focused with solution based results;
  • Build on current strengths;
  • Learn effective communication skills.

The Core Thinking Blueprint Program is for you if you are motivated to advance your professional or personal goals and want to move from intention to your highest achievement.


  • Provides a real, concrete, measurable solution-based coaching process
  • Has highly developed skills in listening, inquiry and planning initiating action steps for positive change and success
  • Is flexible, working face-to-face, by phone or online
  • Gains an understanding of who the client is and sets up a trusting relationship
  • Works from a strengths perspective, core values, and core thinking
  • Recognizes unhealthy patterns and works with clients to develop new patterns of thought and behaviors for success
  • Engages in strategic thinking guiding clients in a positive direction
  • Tracks progress, holds clients accountable in commitment to fulfilling goals set
  • Assesses with the client the ongoing impact consulting and/or coaching has for the individual and their organization


“You are one of the people in my life who bring out the best in me. Thank you! My experience with the Core Thinking Blueprint program has been life changing!
~ Devaney Rae Jones, Leadership Coaching & Business Org & Performance Consulting; Health & Wellness Coaching

“The goal of future leadership and entrepreneurs is to bring a fresh business model to society. This program will give you the stepping stones to change and will guide you to your new blueprint for your soul and professional development. It has changed my life in extraordinary ways!”
~ Troy B., Producer, Director, Teacher, Dancer, Writer. Director of Harper Dance Academy Hip Hop Program and CEO of #JustBeingMeTV

5 Ways I can HELP you:

Core Thinking Blueprint Branding & Consulting Package will give you clarity on how to outperform, outshine and outlast all your competitors. Your brand should be the “go to” business and one that others are excited to recommend. 

Core Thinking SPARK Start Package is a great way to creating a strong foundation for next steps to move forward, whether you feel stuck, want to go the next level or looking for a personal or professional change.
Intensive 4-week, 90-minute sessions 1x week

Core Thinking Blueprint Program is a Masters Personal Development and Mindfulness Leadership Course. 
3-Months, 60-minute sessions 1x week

Core Thinking Blueprint Program is a Masters Personal Development and Mindfulness Leadership Course.
6-Months, 60-minute sessions 2x month

Beyond Core Thinking Blueprint Program is a way to maintain the momentum you have gained from the Core Thinking Blueprint Training. Taking actionable steps to apply to real life the skills and tools learned and developed will exponentially drive you and your business to success!

Discount Pricing
Group of three people 10% discount
Group of five people 15% discount

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