About Eileen

“The mission in life is not to achieve an action or task immediately, but to use your ability to sense and discern the subtle nuances and messages so you can clarify how your mind, body and thoughts connect globally in an easy and comfortable way. Part of the process is to pause before you act, make the impossible possible, and the ordinary extraordinary.”
~ Eileen Bild

I had a powerful, transformative experience where I did a deep dive into the core of a shattered spirit, discovered what was hidden, then re-surging up, like the rise of the Phoenix, with a will so strong and empowered, I re-designed my blueprint moving forward with unstoppable courage, unyielding clarity, and enduring confidence.

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Meet Eileen
Breakthrough S.P.A.R.K. Coach

Eileen Bild, Founder of the Core Thinking Blueprint Method, is an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Certified Coach, Published Writer, Author,  Motivational Speaker, Executive Producer, and Videographer/Photographer. After earning a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, she has spent the last 14 years creating opportunities for purpose driven and motivated professionals that hunger for more and are ready to get to the next level.

She has discovered that life is more than what it appears to be, with opportunities to excel with the right tools and knowledge. In her own personal journey Eileen has learned that it is through our most difficult struggles that we often grow the strongest.

“As I have weaved in and out of the various highs and lows, I discovered something significant….. no matter what cards we are dealt in life, we have inherent gifts and talents that are a part of us everywhere we go.

Eileen discovered her authentic self, innermost passion, and life purpose, which is helping others and sharing what she knows about living life to the fullest. She likes to inspire, educate, and share information for personal and business growth.

For those who are ready for change, to find a zest for life, and to reach their fullest potential, Eileen’s writing, teaching, and coaching can make a difference in YOUR life. She transformed her life from sickness and frustration to Empowerment and Strength.

With her guidance, discover tools for practical application; and together she will take you to extraordinary heights.  Learn how to feel better, create a positive ATTITUDE, and bring good fortune and abundance of all kinds into your life.


  • CEO of Ordinary to Extraordinary Life
  • Founder of the Core Thinking Blueprint Method
  • Co-Creator/Producer for KNOB TV, OTEL TALK, OTEL MUSIC VIDEOS on ROKU TV
  • ROKU TV Channel Developer
  • Talk Show Host for OTEL TALK


Leadership Mindset

Published Columnist


Breakthrough S.P.A.R.K. Coach

  • Core Thinking Blueprint Program
  • Mindfulness Meditation For Clarity & Confidence
  • Mindfulness Leadership
  • Business Culture Development & Engagement
  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Discover Life Purpose & Passion

Keynote Speaker

  • 2023 ENCOUNTER360 – Humanity Rediscovered 
  • 2024 Envision Speakers Series with Dr. Keith McNally