Raise your standards of success and self-awareness through coaching.

Studies show that individual productivity increases by an average of 86% with coaching. In whatever way you define success, it is best achieved through inspired action. Success comes in many forms, such as through learning, knowledge gained and advanced skills development.

Coaching is beneficial on both the personal and professional level, bringing opportunities for change and transformation enhancing potential outcomes. Effective coaching can complement leaders’ and entrepreneurs’ individual strengths enabling them to motivate, inspire, and lead with lasting impact and respect. It can make a difference between a good organization and an extraordinary one.

Coaching offers tools and techniques to align your thinking for maximum results, effective communication, and strong collaboration with others.  Strategic thinking sets the foundation for the following results for success:

Tools for Achieving Your Highest Potential

    • Achievement ~ Desire for significant accomplishment of high standards. Efforts to accomplish something difficult with a vision of the end result. Internal drive to succeed;
    • Change Management ~ Identify change and coping mechanism, foresee change and implement strategies to manage the shift;
    • Communication Skills ~ Boundary setting, effectively communicates, improve quality of what you deliver; Happiness ~ Vital to your goals, visions, and aspirations;
    • Confidence Building ~ A state of mind that includes positive thinking, a feeling of well-being, and a strong belief in abilities, skills and experience. Increase confidence, clarity and eliminate the potential for imposter syndrome;Emotional Intelligence (EI) ~ Identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others, problem-solving (this is the strongest predictor of performance). EI impacts everything you do and say.
    • Gain New Knowledge  ~ Knowledge is power, with power comes responsibility. Learning new ways to approach situations and broaden perceptions breeds success;
    • Leadership ~ Embracing power and the responsibility of position, communicating organizational vision, cooperation of employees;
    • Managing Others ~ Delegating, feedback, dealing with different personalities or leadership styles; Self-Awareness ~ Identifying and refining communication skills, identifying strengths and personal vision;
    • Networks and Connections ~ Relationships are key. Be authentic, help, and pay attention;
    • Positive Impact ~ Grow, learn, listen, change = positive impact on others
    • Problem Solving ~ Identify problem and work towards a solution with creative thinking;
    • Self Management ~ Managing stress and difficult situations;
    • Work-Life Balance ~ Handling burnout, focus, boundary setting, know when to say yes and when to say no;

Focusing on your Core Thinking Blueprint, you partner with Eileen to identify where you want to go, what needs to happen to get there, and learn new tools for achieving your highest potential. She offers the Core Thinking Blueprint Mini-Coaching Program and the Master Core Thinking Blueprint Program.

Core Thinking Blueprint Mini-Coaching Program
Mini-Coaching allows you to gain immediate assistance for current challenges or obstacles you are facing.

It is designed to support you in taking those next steps towards success. If you want to radically accelerate your personal and business growth, close the gap between where you are today and where you envision yourself to be, this program can help!

Is Mini-Coaching Right for Me?
This program is highly customized for you! If you want to:
• Get Real and Clear
• Upgrade and Integrate by Removing Limiting Beliefs
• Elevate Your Vision
• Dive into Personal and/or Professional Development
• Upgrade Your Skills
• Improve Work/Life Balance
• Prevent Burnout
• Gain Clarity and Focus

What Are the Benefits?
You are able to receive valuable information and coaching from wherever you are, have your questions answered in a timely manner, and gain helpful tips for practical application and success.

How Does It Work?
The Core Thinking Blueprint Mini-Coaching Program is 6-months, each month you email a question relevant to your current needs. Upon receipt of your question, Eileen will send you a detailed answer that will include a breakdown of your question, downloadables, links to other resources, and assignments.

Making a commitment to your personal growth is the first step towards attaining your goals. It is scientifically known that it takes at least 21 days for any change to occur. Three months is key to creating long-lasting results when actively taking those steps for positive changes. By extending your commitment to 6 months, you are reinforcing those changes.

This program offers the following:
 Re-routing of the neural pathways in your mind and thinking
 Practical application each month
 Enhanced clarity from month to month
 Development of new perspectives
 Commitment to yourself and your goals

What is The Cost?
Your personal investment:
Option 1: Paid in Full $1,500
Option 2: Two Installments of $750
Option 3: Three Installments of $500

Sign Me Up!
Complete the Contact Form, Eileen will send a reply welcome email. Then you are ready to begin!!

Thank you! I am so excited! I do feel I am getting out of my own way!” ~ Elaine M.

“You have helped me so much! Having the month-to-month coaching gave me time to process information and really understand my blockages, the steps I needed to take and gain clarity for better decision making. You are the best!” Alan F.

“This program has changed my life in ways I never expected. I feel empowered and rejuvenated, ready to face any challenge head on. You are amazing and I am so happy to have found you!” David B.


Taking the next step with Eileen puts you on a path to reach your highest potential.  Are you ready?

Eileen is also available to work with you one-on-one in her Core Thinking Blueprint Program to focus deeper on set goals for personal and professional transformation. CONTACT Eileen today to schedule your Power Hour Strategy Session.